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This research will be conducted in the form of a partnership based on a close cooperation between overseas research institutes and international research clusters, all under the leadership of Korea's head of research.

Forms of partnerships: Over the years, the head of research had already established a close research relationship with research institutes and researchers. Accordingly, joint academic papers have been published in American academic journals and joint academic conferences have also been held both in Korea and abroad.

Country Research Institutes & Researchers Subject of Research Subject of Research
U.S. Vermont Law School · GlobalEnergy Governance Energy Governance Theory Development
U.S. Institute for Energy, SAIS,
Johns Hopkins Univ.
· International Energy &Climate Security
· Green Growth,Theorizing Growth Limitations
· Theory of energy and international security
· Unconventional Energy
· Monitoring of China's Energy
U.S. Nautilus Institute · North East Asian Energy Governance
· North Korean Energy
· Periodic monitoring of Energy Governance in North East Asia
· Joint Study on Energy in North Korea
· Study on North East Asia's Nuclear Waste Regime
U.S. Strategic Studies
US Army War College
· Eurasian Energy (Russia & Central Asia) · Periodic Monitoring of Energy in Eurasia
Japan Meiji University · Nuclear Energy
· Russian Energy
· Monitoring of Energy in North East Asia
Japan The University of Tokyo · Wind Power Energy · Green Energy
Italy Fabio Indeus · European Energy · Energy Geopolitics
India Jagannath Panda · India's Energy · Energy Geopolitics