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Position Name Belong to Education Email TEL
Director Youn kyoo Kim Hanyang University Energy Security, International Politics 02-2220-4718
Research Fellow Sungjin Kim Hanyang University International Relations +82-2-2220-4819
Research Fellow Hanee Ryu Hanyang University Resource Economics 02-2220-4719
Research Fellow Jung won Cho Hanyang University Economics, International Politics 02-2220-4719
Senior Strategic Adviser Sang Chul Park Korea Polytechnic University Politics 031-8041-0324
Research Associate Sang wuk Ahn Pu kyong National University European Studies, Economics 051-629-5343
Research Associate Hee won Park Energy Holdings Group, Inc. Oil Engineering 02-784-5333
Research Associate Jin soo Kim Hanyang University Engineering in Energy System 02-2220-2241
Research Associate Joo hong Ahn Hanyang University Molecular Biology, Biochemistry 02-2220-4484
Research Associate Stephen Blank American Foreign Policy Council Energy Security in Eurasia
Research Associate Benjamin K. Sovacool Aarhus University Science and Technology Studies
Research Associate Vlado Vivoda Queensland University International Political Economy
Visiting Fellow Fabio Indeo University of Rome Geopolitics of central Asia
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