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The key areas of research at EGS include water scarcity, energy shortages, food shortages, population crisis, environmental issues, energy security,growth within limits,green growth, and promoting growth and climate and environmental sustainability.

In particular, the core framework and motivation of EGS has been the transformations in the global energy landscape and the urgent need for Korea to come up with a national energy strategy, as necessitated by the shift in the global energy industry paradigm witnessed in the recent shale gas revolution and the development of unconventional energy sources.

For the past three years, EGS has foreseen global energy landscape shifts and risen to the top in the area of global energy governanceat a faster pace when compared to not only domestic but international research institutes. Likewise, EGS has led the discussion on Korea’s national energy strategy, ultimately contributing greatly to the development and the promotion of domestic policy by leading Korea's national energy strategy debate.

Furthermore, EGS has investigated the possibility of Korea leading energy strategy development among China, Japan and Russia, the major powers in North East Asia, and guiding cooperation between Asian nations.)

In this time of climate change and energy revolution, to become a large-scale energy research center which addresses comprehensive ubiquitous energy issues and assumes the role of a private think tank, EGS spent the last three years expanding its highly competent international researchnetwork to many parts of the globe and established a knowledge-exchange infrastructure with foreign research institutions. Additionally, EGS plans to undertake future research with a focus on building research information systems, establishing human and material resource infrastructures and self-sustainability, in order to become a more influential and extensiveresearch institution.