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The Center for Energy Governance & Security (EGS) began as an energy research program based at Hanyang University in September 2012, and is funded by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, with the support of the Korea Research Foundation (Social Sciences Korea).

EGS is the first comprehensive research institute at the university level to address ubiquitous energy issues. As the current energy crisis poses challenges for the world and Korea alike, we are proud that EGS is engaging in full-fledged research into technologies and policies surrounding energy problems.

At present, Korea has reached the limit of its quantitative growth of several decades. In accordance with the new climate change regime that was recently signed at the UNFCC COP21 conference held in Paris, Korea must transform its entire economic and social structure through an energy technology revolution in order to overcome the limits of this quantitative growth paradigm.

Under the new climate regime, EGS will propose Korea’s future energy polices as well as visions and targets for overseas resource development programs, together with policy challenges and realization strategies. By doing this, the EGS aims to gain the support of the political sphere as well as the media so that our goals may be reflected in the policies of the current administration.

Hence, EGS, which is a part of the Hanyang University SSK Energy Research Group, jointly hosted the Pacific Energy Summit with the US NBR (the National Bureau of Asian Research) in May 2015 in Beijing.
In September 2015, in cooperation with the National Assembly Energy Strategy Forum, a seminar to strengthen the energy economic cooperation between Korea and Iran was hosted for interested Korean companies and researchers

In the short term, the research center will be focused around online report publications. Together with foreign energy experts, we plan to publish reports that diagnose policies on current issues on our website, and would appreciate your continued support.

December, 2015

Younkyoo Kim,
Director, EGS Hanyang University