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EGS Working Paper 2013-12 (Neil A. Chapman) 작성일:2014-01-18 / 보기:3320
Deep Borehole Disposal of Spent Fuel - International Developments and Implications for NE Asia Neil A. Chapman(theAssociation for Regional and In...
EGS Working Paper 2013-11 (Oh Sung-hwan) 작성일:2013-12-10 / 보기:3396
Shale Gas Revolution and Desperate “Eastward” Energy Policy of Russia Oh Sung-Hwan (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
EGS Working Paper 2013-10 (안상욱) 작성일:2013-09-26 / 보기:3454
러시아 천연가스 도입과 에너지안보 EU와 한국의 사례 비교 안상욱 (부경대학교 국제지역학부 교수)
EGS Working Paper 2013-9 (Vlado Vivoda) 작성일:2013-09-26 / 보기:3304
LNG Import Diversification in Asia VladoVivoda (Griffith University)
EGS Working Paper 2013-8 (Fabio Indeo) 작성일:2013-09-24 / 보기:3330
The Impact of the “Shale Gas Revolution” onRussian Energy Strategy Fabio Indeo (EGS)
EGS Working Paper 2013-7 (박상철) 작성일:2013-07-17 / 보기:3351
독일 에너지정책과 신재생에너지발전 전략 박상철 (한국산업기술대학교 교수)
EGS Working Paper 2013-6 (Chen Wei-Dong외) 작성일:2013-07-17 / 보기:3288
China’s Shale Gas: Current Perspectives Chen Weidong(China National Offshore Oil Corporations), Jiang Xin-Min(Energy Research Institute), Xiaolai...
EGS Working Paper 2013-5 (Younkyoo Kim) 작성일:2013-05-14 / 보기:3417
Rethinking Energy Security in Northeast Asia Younkyoo Kim (Hanyang University)
EGS Working Paper 2013-4 (David F.von Hippel외) 작성일:2013-05-09 / 보기:3290
Assessment of Energy Policy Options for the DPRK Using a Comprehensive Energy Security Framework David F. von Hippel and Peter Hayes (Nautilus Ins...
EGS Working Paper 2013-3 (Kathrin Keil) 작성일:2013-05-09 / 보기:3236
The Role of Arctic Hydrocarbons for Future Energy Security Kathrin Keil (FreieUniversit?tBerlin)
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