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EGS Working Paper 2014-12 (David F. von Hippel 외) 작성일:2014-12-31 / 보기:3277
Supplying Energy Needs for the DPRK’s SpecialEconomic Zones and Special AdministrativeRegions: Electricity Infrastructure Requirements David F. vo...
EGS Working Paper 2014-11 (안상욱) 작성일:2014-11-18 / 보기:3269
동북아 LNG 허브 ? 한중일 입장 안상욱 (부경대학교 국제지역학부 교수)
EGS Working Paper 2014-10 (박희준) 작성일:2014-10-31 / 보기:3321
셰일가스의 과거, 현재 그리고 미래 박희준 (에너지이노베이션파트너스대표)
EGS Working Paper 2014-09 (Frank Umbach) 작성일:2014-10-31 / 보기:3318
The Changing Global and European Gas Markets and its Implications for Trading Gas Hubs ?European Views and Experiences Frank Umbach(European Centr...
EGS Working Paper 2014-06 (David F. von Hippel) 작성일:2014-06-26 / 보기:3337
Energy Security Concept for SustainableDevelopment in Northeast Asia David F. von Hippel (Nautilus Institute)
EGS Working Paper 2014-05 (David F. Von Hippel외) 작성일:2014-05-02 / 보기:3289
Energy Needs in the DPRK, and Opportunities forCollaboration on Energy Sector Engagement andRedevelopment David F. von Hippel and Peter Hayes (Nau...
EGS Working Paper 2014-04 (Roger Cavazos외) 작성일:2014-05-02 / 보기:3321
Supplying Energy Needs for the DPRK’s SpecialEconomic Zones and Special Administrative Regions:Electricity Infrastructure Requirements Roger Cavaz...
EGS Working Paper 2014-03(Kae Takase) 작성일:2014-04-03 / 보기:3321
Renewable Energy Burst in Japan KaeTakase (Institute of Energy Economics, Japan)
EGS Working Paper 2014-02 (David F. von Hippel) 작성일:2014-04-03 / 보기:3358
An Updated Summary of Energy Supply and Demandin the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) David F. von Hippel and Peter Hayes (Nautilus In...
EGS Working Paper 2014-01(Younkyoo Kim) 작성일:2014-03-17 / 보기:3156
Geopolitics of Shale Gas/Shale Oil Revolution Younkyoo Kim (Hanyang University)
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